The oldest and most scenic part of historic Illinois Route 66 is the 1926 - 1930
alignment.  It is easy to imagine what the Route used to be by winding  through
the Central Illinois countryside.  Life goes by at a slower pace.  Fewer big chain
business; plenty of Mom and Pop.

And that is the purpose of this website:  to promote not only Route 66, but the
small businesses on this alignment.  
Currently, the 1926-1930 alignment is very well marked.  Look for the brown &
white signs.

How do you get here?  There are several ways.
From Springfield Downtown area
Turn west onto Capitol Avenue
Turn south onto 2nd Street
Turn west onto South Grand Ave. (south is part of the name - not a direction)
Turn south onto MacArthur Boulevard.
Turn west onto Wabash Avenue. (look for the Lauderbach Giant)
Turn south onto Chaham Road.
(Cross over I-72)
Turn west onto Woodside Rd.
Turn south onto Route 4

From Springfield Route 66 Hotel / Cozy Dog area
Turn north onto 6th Street (yes, north)
Turn west onto Stanford Avenue
(Stanford will become Wabash Avenue)
Continue west on Wabash Avenue
Turn south onto Chaham Road.
(Cross over I-72)
Turn west onto Woodside Rd.
Turn south onto Route 4
Illinois Route 66

Before the advent of Route 66, the Pontiac Trail, SBI 4, was a paved road linking Chicago and St.
Louis. With the designation of numbered Federal highways in 1926, Route 4 was simply assigned as
part of the great diagonal road called Route 66.

Route 66 in Illinois originally followed State Bond Issue Route 4 (SBI 4), starting from the Loop in
downtown Chicago. The road entered Springfield to the east of the  Illinois State Fairgrounds. From
there Route 66 traveled south through the capital, jogging through various downtown streets until
following South Grand to what is now Chatham Road and exiting the city on the southwest side.

The road curves here and there to hit the towns of Chatham, Auburn, Virden, Girard, Nilwood,
Carlinville, Gillespie, Benld and Staunton.
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Route 66 Rumble

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